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About Claire

At the young age of 9, Claire impressed the judges and won the hearts of viewers with her personality and cooking creativity.  She seized the title of Youngest Chopped Champion and the coveted $10,000 prize with Chopped Champion Chef Coat.  While keeping this secret for months, until the air date in January 2016, Claire worked on culinary inventions, her mission and brand.  Claire’s innovations are fun, colorful and inspire fearless adventures in cooking as a real life science experiment!  In 2017, Claire was asked to return to Food Network to compete on the first Chopped Junior Champions tournament, which aired in June 2017. She started Claire’s Cooking Lab and her brand showcases her love of science, creativity, experimentation and whole foods.

Claire experimenting
claire cooking
Claire girl power


Girl Power



Claire's mission is to empower and educate kids to explore STEAM through cooking, community and creativity

Her Mission


Her Journey

claire training
claire cooking
claire chopped junior
chopped champions tournament
no fear oven sleeve
trio seasonings

Age 3

Mixing and Prep

Age 6

Knife Skills

Age 7

Stovetop Cooking

Age 9

Chopped Junior

Champion 2016, Season 1 Episode 11

Age 8

Oven Baking

Age 10

Created Seasonings

Age 11

Chopped Junior Champions


Runner Up

Age 12

Patent Pending Invention



chopped champions tournament
chopped champions tournament

Age 12

Guy's Grocery Games

Age 12

Kickstarter Launch

Age 13


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